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Are you looking for an IT based systematic solution in a non-predefined area?
With no or as few as possible in-house developments by possibilities, could play an adequate role for a primary and all other tasks and requirements after 100% free consultation.
If so, please write as open a description and fee as possible, with maximum respect for their rights and development/corporate secrets to:
Payment of the full amount, also as partial payments shall be made without exception(s) with and in accordance with international law verifiably rendered performance on the part of Disputes can only take place on an international level, never locally with the sole exception of the jurisdiction of the country in which operates (actual European Union/Germany).
The minimum fee to be determined/negotiated according to the way, effort and applicability is: 15.000€ for a complete systematic solution that is legitimate and legal according to international law, thus applicable.
It is never about software or comparable goods that can and will deliver to you, but purely about text material of a system as provided for efficient application.

Objects marketing:

  • 42CETA1 (int. laws transfer-marketing objects)
  • ObjDirect (find/search network)
  • Electronic Persuals Pool (media workplace/market)
  • IT-Documentation (documentation workplace/system)
  • Medical Insight (media workplace)
  • (S)herelax (index of freetime-matters)
  • Universal official index (official publications)
  • Cleearly Informations (media workplace/market)
  • FakeEx (media workplace/market)

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